Essential Oils that saved my bacon travelling with a toddler

Last week we spent around 12 days traveling to Sydney then New Zealand… this might not sound like much but it’s more than enough with a pint sized 2.5 year old.

Trying to pack and choose which oils to take was a tough decision & you might remember a late night switcheroo following a ‘sore tummy’ the night before we left. Next time I reckon i’ll book a bag just for oils 😂

Many things didn’t get used (thank goodness) but some got overused and this is why…


This oil is a deadset lifesaver! I never ever leave home without it. I recommend topping up your rollers before going. From a change in water to different foods we were all sporting sore tummies & runny bum! If you are travelling then this is the no.1 oil to pop in your natural medicine bag. You simply roll over your belly (every 1-2 hours or as needed) to help you feel comfortable, ache free and soothe any discomfort or nausea.

2️⃣On Guard

Think of this as your public transport germ killer! We took the hand sanitizing spray, a roller and a 2ml sample for diffusing/internal use. Apply to hands after using public loos or transport. Roll over feet and glands to support a robust immune system for kids and mamas! On Guard is a perfect daily preventative and less is more. You can also add 1 drop to a cup of warm milk for a chai or to a spoon of honey to soothe any irritations.


Hydration while travelling is so important. You might find you naturally increase caffeine and alcohol consumption – plus time spent travelling means extra toxins for your body to flush out. Sip on lemon in your water bottle, add to a bath with epsom salts or give your body a dry brush to help support detoxification of your skin and bodily organs. Also perfect for adding to spoons of honey for throat irritations, for fevers, focus and putting a smile on ya dial 😁

4️⃣Ice Blue

Holidays mean more walking… and in my place that means more carrying of pint sized 2.5 year old. Either make a roller before you go, pack the rub or better yet take both!!! Massage over hips, back, legs and shoulders are long days. Roll onto temples or neck to help with any tension. Roll over soles of the feet after big hikes or shopping trips. Perfect for hubbies too!


If you want to be calm as a cucumber, or need sleep then you want to make sure you have some Lavender in your bag. Drip on pillows or pjs. Roll onto temples and chest before bed. Add to baths. Mix with Balance or Peace for bedtime diffusing, any plane anxiety or heightened moods/emotions. Toddlers are going to need tonnes of support with changing environments, new time zones, and over stimulation. You can also massage over body as it doubles and can act as a repellant or soothe any bites/bumps/bruises.


A few times Logan woke in middle of night saying ‘mum, can’t breathe…’ and at first I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully I remembered I had EasyAir in the bag. Drip on pillow/pjs or add 1-2 drops to a diffuser to help open up the sinus and airways. You can also splash on shower screen morning and eve and the addition of the steam with help open up airways. EasyAir is also supportive at calming the body with each breath.


Rose is one of the most versatile oils and never strays far from my purse. Taking the queen was an easy choice! From perfume to lip balm to on-the-go moisturizer… it’s ready to roll so perfect to grab. Not to mention packs a mega punch in terms of immune support. Simply roll over glands, around ears & along the spine.

8️⃣Frankincense & Tea Tree

Ear combo this one! With multiple transport means, changes in altitude, airplanes, car trips & hiking these two applied daily around ears will keep anything at bay. Doubles as a general immune support & gentle for toddlers #winning

If you are yet to try essential oils and are ready to do so I have $107 worth of freebies up for grabs during the month of March only. You’ll also receive a welcome pack + ongoing oily education from me. Email me at and say ‘IM READY’.

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Fertility & Emotions


A topic hot on my heart right now.

So much about pregnancy and the journey to motherhood remains taboo.

I say fuck that!

After spending the past couple days feeling 100% positive I was pregnant, only today to find out I am not I can honestly say i’ve spent the latter part of the day being a royal hot mess.

Now I know all about ‘staying quiet’. I grew up on a family who was the master of secrets. My grandmother couldn’t have children, my mother was adopted, my mother having experienced 9 miscarriages during her previous marriage… but I saw what staying quiet did to them.

We have to be brave and share our stories to empower the next generations.

Our thoughts, feelings and mental state matters.

A woman’s journey to motherhood is never perfect. 1 in 2 will experience a miscarriage. And many others worse.

I was blessed with my first born. We fell pregnant quickly, didn’t really try and my pregnancy was pretty much fine.

We couldn’t dream of being so lucky with a second…

With a shift working husband and a clingy toddler the time to make such things happen are rare to impossible. That’s not to even mention the fact that I only like my husband 5/7 days of the week, i’m always tired and sex is the FARTHEST thing from my mind 🤣 #hopehubbydoesntreadthis

So as I pop the ‘negative’ test in the bin I take a moment to think of all the other #soontobemamas and let go of all the emotions.

I know that it’s OK to feel sad, to feel let down, to want it to be real and so much more.

I dive into the pool and let the water wash over me. Like a cleansing of my aura, my emotions and my body.

I have lathered myself in a concoction of oils consisting of Rose, Geranium and doTERRA Console. I roll some doTERA Forgive over my heart and I gently breath and know that tomorrow it will all be ok.

If you need some help getting some natural tools to support your journey to motherhood or your emotions reach out via email to as I would love to help you Xx

My all natural teething relief roller

Mr 2 has been a bit of a miserable bum this past week or so.

He’s had days where he has napped for 4 hours, the odd fever and dishing out plenty of snuggles.

We just assumed he was catching or fighting something off.

Thank gosh for oils!!

Then yesterday and today he’s been right off. Not sleeping and grumpy AF.

Todat he says ‘mummy sore’ as he had his finger in his mouth while pointing to his tooth. I was like ‘ah ha’!! His two year molars – finally!

His teething roller was almost empty so I grabbed some oils to top it up.

I chose:

:•:Frankincense for its soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

:•:Lavender to help calm and soothe.

:•:Copaiba for its anti-inflammatory properties and kick ass pain support.

:•:Helichrysm – the ‘oil of pain’.

:•:White Fir (or Siberian Fir) is gentle for little ones and supportive for both pain & inflammation.

:•:Roman Chamomile for its calming, soothing properties and supportive for pain/ear discomfort.

Add 1-3 drops of whichever oils resonate in a 10ml glass roller. Top with carrier oil. Roll along the cheek bones, jaw line and behind the ear bones. Apply every 2 hours or as needed.

Mamas if you would like natural solutions for your little babe/s either email or jump on over to my ‘how to buy‘ page and grab your first Home Essentials kit xx

So Month of Mondays kinda went a little mad…

So today I sent our the first Month of Mondays newsletter to my tribe and things went a little, well, kinda cray cray! It started out with…

“you are probably wondering what the flip ‘Month of Mondays’ is … but this is something I have created with you in mind. This idea has been birthed from a recent call out where I asked what YOU want MORE of… how I can serve YOU better (oh and if you want to have your say its never too late, i’d so love for you to reply to this email and let me know).

Every Monday for the month of August I will be popping into peoples mailboxes with a stack of heart felt love… My aim is for us to get to know one another intimately (kind of like old friends). For me to share with them (you) a little more about me, my challenges, my passions and obviously a little bit about essential oils because, well, I just cant help it. It will be a space I can share with you things I am learning, recipes I am testing and DIY tips to save you $$”. 
Then this happened…

“I’m also going to be sharing with you (which makes me kinda nervous) a little about my steps to freedom”.


So – to fill you in… I recently committed (this is a HUGE deal for me) to a 12 month coaching program with my mindset coach. This is not just about my business but about my entire life… we work on mindset around money, relationships, career – you name it!

Now i’ve never been one for ‘goals’, probably because I find it hard to stick to them (hello ego) and in fact the word ‘goal’ itself evokes all kinds of fear based emotions not to mention a tightness in my throat and butterflies in my belly. SO because I am all about getting a little uncomfortable I am going to take you along for the journey. Coaching alone brings me to the edge but sharing it with you scares the shit outta me so why not right? 

In gearing up for this 12 month program I had to sit down and write a VISION (which I did with the husbo) so that every month I can set goals that will itch me closer to my vision.

Now once I had decided to share this and had written it in my mailchimp template I was actually really excited to share this (it certainly wasn’t my plan at the time of drafting the newsletter but I am going with it).

MY VISION – planning for my families future

So the reason I committed to this 12 month program was because 1) I have gained a lot of clarity from past coaching, 2) I have some serious goals I was to kick and 3) I know up levelling and working on my mindset will be an ongoing battle.

To kick off my program I was asked to think about my “vision” for how I want my life to look – how I want to feel, where I want to be, how I am spending my time, who I am surrounded by … this then forms a bit of a picture so that I can have a crystal clear idea of where I want to head and map the path to get there. I will caveat this by saying I am yet to ‘firm’ up my vision so its still a little loose but ill share a snippet with you anyway.

Just a few of my visions:

+ have a thriving business that provides us the financial freedom to work from home and spend more time with our children

+ to move my body lovingly each day and nourish my body with food that makes me feel good (this is a biggie but always seems to fall off the list as not being high enough on the priority but it incredibly important)

being surrounded by women who support one another to rise and attracting like minded business partners to work with so that we can empower as many homes as we can to make the switch to no-tox natural solutions

Now you might think ‘ah aren’t these simple visions/goals’ but for me they are ones that will continue to challenge me to grow.

When I was copying over some of my goals to my newsletter I even contemplated only sharing the ‘easier’ ones but there is NO fun in that – plus sharing these visions creates more accountability and feels scarier so best to do that!

The challenges and learnings along the way. The blocks I uncover and the roadmaps I take. I will share all with you – in hope that you too might learn something along the way.


Now if you aren’t already receiving my newsletter grab it here

Trust yourself, trust in the universe and do what feels right for YOU (breastfeeding, sleeping and mama joys)…

I was sitting in my sons rocking chair nursing him to sleep earlier and thought to myself ‘god I can’t believe I was told NOT to do this’. I have loved every single moment that I have been able to feed my son, and especially the feeding him to sleep.  It really gives me the shits that new mums (in fact all mums) can’t catch a break. Pretty much everything we do, there is a for and against. I am all about doing what feels good for you and your baby and stuff what everyone else says.

For me it was a no brainer, breastfeeding produces the feel good sleepy hormones – plus its an amazing bonding experience. As someone who works with children who don’t get the best start to life I was all gung-ho at doing anything and everything I could to build a secure base and strong primary attachment with my son and give him the best start to life that I possibly could. As a new mum we get hit with a lot of ‘of you can’t do that’… I am pretty sure it isn’t a matter of IF but rather WHEN we stuff up our kids lives (you feel me right…) and feeding to sleep is high up there. In fact, I reckon feeding and sleeping are every new mums nightmare and a major cause for anxiety and depression. Every single appointment with your midwife leading up to your precious babe being born and then every appointment with your child and family health nurse after the birth surrounds the famous duo of sleeping and feeding.

I remember taking to breastfeeding quite naturally but boy was it hard in the beginning. My nipples were cracked and bleeding (lansinoh ladies – get on it!), every time he attached it bloody hurt and I had no idea what I was doing but I wasn’t giving up for quids. I was determined to feed him from the boobies for as long as he would/will allow me.  In the beginning they sleep all the time, then not so much, and it becomes a balance of ANYTHING that works. Many a times I said to myself ‘You have to stop this’ out of fear of him developing a sleep association or some kind of ‘bad’ habit (as per Dr Google, all the books and ALL your neighbours. Many times I felt like a shit mum because I wasn’t teaching him or giving him the skills to do it [fall asleep] on his own. Then I would remind myself he was just a baby and we had plenty of time if we needed to to break any kind of habit. Then as time went on, there were periods when he self settled but then he went back to feeding to sleep, obviously because he too enjoyed it as much as I did so I let him because it was easy and it provided me with the most amazing opportunity and endless moments with him that I still look forward to at the end of a long day.

Now let me tell you something – he NEVER developed a sleep association and is able to fall asleep on his OWN. He has a different routine at home to daycare and we very much go with the flow regarding times.

He will be 1 (ONE I tell ya) soon and I still nurse him to sleep when I can. Sure there have been times when I had to wait exactly 10 mins (not a minute less or a minute more) before I could move and lay him in his cot but now we have it down pat. He feeds, often nods off and I pop him down. Sometimes he doesn’t fall asleep and sometimes he just isn’t in the mood – on those occasions I feed him and pop him down where he will chat himself to sleep and settle on his own. But in those moments when I do get to nurse him to sleep and I see or feel his little lips waver and he falls off the boob; where he lay there snuggled in his safe place, his soft spot and the spot where he is content and comforted; I know I would do it all over again.

As a mum I have often been challenged in not being able to ‘control’ what happens. As a major control freak I hate relying on others, find it difficult to not have a plan and struggle when things don’t go as planned. A major thing I have been working on over the last few years is releasing a lot of the need to control things in my life and becoming as mum has done wonders for this.

Just recently when I went back to work I was hell bent on continuing to breastfeed and pretty much gave up my life to spend it pumping (any mama out there who exclusively gave their babies expressed breastmilk I friggin’ bow to you!). I lasted about 2 weeks at work pumping in my lunch break before I cracked. I was due to go away for work overnight, I was panicked I wouldn’t have enough and I was struggling at work ‘cos it took close to an hour each day to pump enough for him while he was at care. Late one night, on a bloody public holiday of all things, I gave in. I decided I would take the pressure off myself to be his all (he was 10 months by this stage and eating a very healthy sized portion of solids) and get some (organic) formula ‘just in case’.

I had told myself all along that I wouldn’t give him formula or even cows milk – that mamas milk was all he needed and it was my job to do that for him. SO, late that night on a public holiday I ran down the street (in the rain) to get said  (organic) formula – low and behold the shops were shut. THEN I go to the late night pharmacy to find ONE brand of formula. You guessed it, it wasn’t organic. I almost cried. BUT – I knew this was a big loud message from the universe about control and letting go. I literally said out loud “I hear you universe, I hear you LOUD and CLEAR’. I then bought the flipping formula and went home. I made up two bottles for day care for the following day mixed with some breastmilk and he drank every ounce. Funnily enough, almost 2 months on and he’s still not on organic formula (we still have the same tin actually) and in fact he is now on lactose free formula ‘cos the other stuff didn’t agree with him (but that’s another story for another post ;|).

So mamas – trust yourself, trust in the universe ‘cos she has your back and do what feels right for you.

I’m off to get my babe up from his beautiful afternoon slumber. We might even go have a play at the beach.



My top tips for staying sane as a busy mama…

A quick google search of the phrase ‘busy’ and one feels overwhelmed… alas you stumble across definitions such as ‘having a great deal to do’ which personally I don’t feel really cuts the mustard. Having a babe feels like the ‘to do’ list grew like a million times over. The washing increases, the power bill increases, the cleaning/cooking increases not to mention the never ending toy pick-up-ering YET time does NOT seem to increase. Add to this being a wife, friend, puppy mama, daughter/sister and biz owner plus a dash of sleep deprivation, maternity pay and frazzled hair. This new job ain’t no 9-5 with a regular pay packet but it sure is soul rewarding and heart pounding you just never get to clock off.  I freakin’ LoVE being a mama but sometimes it is very very FULL.

Now as a side note – in these last few weeks my baby boy turned 9 months AND transitioned into day care. Big two weeks for this mama bear (nooooot so much him!). They say time goes fast when you become a parent but shit, it really snuck up! Yep there was waterworks and waves of crashing emotions (that’s another blog post in itself)…  you have been wondering ‘where’ I’ve been – that’s where. But also, in the spirit of being open, it feels like an eternity since I have actually sat down and written a blog post from the heart and been authentically me. Because partly I’ve been too bloody full (I truly hate the word ‘busy’) but also because I’ve felt a little lost and like I wasn’t sure where my voice was headed because my mean girl has been really freakin’ loud. I’m the kinda person that when I feel something or get an idea I have to sit down and write it at that moment or the spark and passion just dissipates. I am however, going to vow to you, my avid readers that I WILL make time to write, and share because YOU have said you want to listen. That I am SO grateful for!!

Anyhoo… if you want to keep some level of sanity as a mama here’s my top tips!

Tip # 1 – don’t give up your vice

Obviously being a mama we all want to get our pre-baby bodies back but don’t be in a rush to give it ALL up ladies. Some days are tougher than others and you don’t need to spend it being guilty and beating up on yourself ‘cos you ate the damn cookie. Its hard enough being a mum without trying to change how you eat.  If your vice is a piece (or a row) of chocolate or a glass of wine each night then keep it up! Mines a cuppa each night and a few pieces of Loving Earth or Panna Chocolate 😉

 Tip # 2 – soak up some sunshine every single day

Even if it’s just to hang washing on the line you’ll be amazed what a little sunshine does for your mood. AND if you can, do it while moving!

Tip # 3 – move your toosh

This is a no brainer but sometimes it feels impossible. Even if you remember/have time at 4pm it’s better than nothing and you’ll find it’ll give you a second wind to keep going til bed time. Walking or moving your toosh each day will get those feel good endorphins going and you’ll feel SO much more positive about yourself and life (plus it tends to curb those 3pm sugar cravings bonus!). For bonus points, do it with a bestie!

tip # 4 – make time for self care

Now ladies, i’ve been there and there IS time for you! When they are asleep (both day and night) this is your time to take 5 mins to re-boot! It might be just sitting outside with a hot cuppa, taking a long bath, going for a 10 minute walk (on your own) once your partner gets home, reading for 10 mins before bed or skype your mum. Heck, even paint your toes or wash your hair! Long showers were never a thing for me but post baby gosh a good long shower makes you feel a lot more human!

Tip # 5 – cleanse your social media

Who are you following on your instagram, twitter or whatever social media you have? Do they inspire you? Do they lift you up and raise your vibration? Do they make you want to be a better person? If they don’t then you are following the wrong people sista. I want you to go to your account now and delete them. You should only follow people who inspire you and lift you up!

Tip # 6 – find your tribe

Having a mums groups or a couple of friends with babies (especially if they are the same age) makes life SO much easier! Lets face it if your not going through the same thing it’s kinda off your radar. Nor do our hubbies/partners want to be bothered with the nonsense us mums worry about… from food, to milk, to water, to sleep not to mention vaginas, boobies and lack of sleep!!! AND double bonus because you can do tip # 3 with them 😉

I’d love to hear from you – what things did you do to keep yourself sane?

What do mothers groups and soulful connections have in common? 

You know i’ve tossed up writing about this experience for weeks but I know this will resonate with some other struggling new mum and hopefully make her feel less alone – so please be patient with me – this is raw and real. 

You hear about the stories from friends, bloggers and those fun fact filled parenting magazines – mothers groups are either amazing and full of life long friends that you’ll have until you’re old and grey OR its bitchy, competitive and very ‘keeping up with the joneses’. I was naturally aiming for the first one! 

I will start off by saying that I have made some beautiful naturally occurring friendships that pretty much self formed and will no doubt be around for the long haul. These girls are the shiz – they support you know matter what, listen to you when you need to talk about sleep (or lack thereof for the thousandth time), guide you when you are pretty much ready for divorce and walk with you when you are actually feeling motivated (even at the drop of a hat). These girls know all about my intimate story of birth, post birth recovery and rode through it every single second of every single day. I love them like nothing else. 

Then there are the girls that were thrust into a group – you know those post natal educative classes? Yep off we trundled for 6 weeks, at the worst possible time of day (hello witching hour), mostly to connect with other new mums and eat a biscuit, but also because our local health clinic offered classes to help us on this new journey into parenthood. We connected and ate said biscuit then at the end were basically welcomed to or mother’s group & suggested we meet each week. So we did. We had all gone through the same thing, were all new mums, had all stopped our careers and most of us wives battling out this new playground they call motherhood. We bonded over birth stories, sleep deprivation, our new found curves, morning walks and lots of coffee. Then all of a sudden the group shrunk and kept shrinking until it essentially fizzled. 

We met each week at a regular time for almost 6 months – towards the 4 or so month mark people starting coming less. As we know life gets in the way. Personally I planned my week around it as it was my one thing to look forward to every single week. Towards the end almost no-one came, people even stopped commenting that they weren’t coming and so I stopped going too. I felt disappointed, let down, confused and all sorts of hurt and rejection. I felt confused as I craved the connection, craved the catch ups, craved being able to share with other mums, craved seeing my little boy interact with his little mates – craved it so much I made space for it each week. WHY? I don’t actually really know. Partly as I was one of the people who sort of organized it by taking charge, reminding people each week, making wet weather plans, many cafe reservations and checking in with many of the mums regularly – after all of this, which I naturally felt pulled to do, I felt I had put time and energy into bringing these women together and was saddened I hadn’t done a good enough job. Like it was my fault, i’d let everyone down and I had failed the group. 

Now obviously we weren’t all going to be a bunch of besties and having a larger group it was natural that some smaller fractions naturally occur. But deep down I wanted these connections and wanted to be a part of something bigger. 

I was fearful that I was not liked or had done something wrong, but was not entirely sure why I actually cared. Why was I taking it personally? Why did it matter? I just knew it got on my nerves, caused upset and angst and lots of questions. 

The next thing I knew some of the girls, who were unable to commit to anything regular were now having their own catch ups. Don’t get me wrong – the couple of girls I have sincerely connected with we catch up and do our own thing, in the beginning we always used to post if we were walking, coffeeing etc but we stopped because no-one ever came. We felt this was the right thing to do. The same courtesy wasn’t returned. Each time I saw they had caught up I felt annoyed, hurt, rejected and angry. One time I even suggested i’d love to be invited next time – nada. I was angry at myself – did I do something wrong? Why don’t they like me? Why don’t they invite everyone? 

After some tears and a few long chats with my mean girl I reminded myself that I don’t actually want to be part of something like that anyway. The question is though … WHY did I care? WHY did it bother me? WHAT did it bring up for me? 

Simple – FEAR. Fear of not being liked, fear of having no friends, fear of no connection and fear of missing out for both me and my little boy.  

I have now journaled through this fear and moved past it. Which is why I can write about it openly, honestly and lovingly. I removed some of these people from my social media accounts so the fear doesn’t keep manifesting itself. I am focused on the real soulful connections that I have truly and genuinely made. Mostly I am SO FUCKING GRATEFUL for the amazing woman who ARE in my life and WANT to be in my life. I love you for being you and for loving me just as I am. 

So what do mothers groups and soulful connections have in common – it IS possible. You just have to look right in front of you and not behind. 

Tell me – have you experienced a fear of rejection? What have you done to move past it? 

Passion, purpose and procrastination…

Before I became a mum I used to work long hours, give my clients and staff 200% and often came crashing down. I ate at my desk, took work home & practised little self care. Once I fell pregnant, and even just before, I was a little better at looking after me but still gave too much of myself to my work (don’t ask my colleagues what they call me!). So when I went on maternity leave I naturally took a few weeks to disconnect but once that baby came everything shifted! I’ve been delving deep into my passion & life’s purpose lately and let me tell you it is not working for someone who doesn’t care about me, someone who doesn’t know me or someone who doesn’t value me. It’s also not someone or rather something that isn’t flexible & family friendly.

For months I have been hoping and praying (more like living in my head in lala land – hello mean girl) for some divine sign from the universe that would allow me to stay home with my little babe a little longer (*dreaming*). But in doing so I have been procrastinating BIG time, avoiding making plans – plans to go back to work, plans for day care, plans to visit friends before I go back to work, plans to do shit around the house before.. you know, I go back to work! So time kinda snuck up on me and before I knew it my babe was 7 months old and I was due back at work in another 3 months… it was definitely time to pull my finger out and make said plans.
Once I realised I was actually avoiding because of all the things I was worried about I allowed myself to feel the emotions, ALL of them, in full force before I took action. Lots of journalling, meditating and just soaking up time with my little babe (you really do lose endless hours just staring, laughing and loving them *checks the monitor to stare some more*).

So what was (technically still *am*) I worried about? Gosh, bloody EVERYTHING! I don’t want things to change, I don’t want someone else to care for my precious babe, I am not ready, am nervous about returning to work, does baby brain ever end, what about baby no 2, how many days should I be working, do I go with family day care or a centre, he’s too little, how the heck will I manage it all, will I be as passionate about work as I was before, can I do this job anymore (sounds stupid doesn’t it, seriously women have been doing this stuff for decades right?!!). Now I must point out its not the ‘returning to work’ that bothers me – it’s the rigid 9-5 and having to leave MY baby (the one that I grew inside my tummy and birthed into this world) with a stranger part (according to my mum friends they tell me this is totes normal and that it gets easier – thanks guys!).

This brings me to purpose… lately I’ve been feeling like I have no purpose and like I’m just a freaking house maid (if your a mum you hear me right?). I am one of those crazy OCD types that revels in a clean, tidy and ordered home (yep, have a little sigh for my husband!). Thankfully my OCD calmed the f*** down when my little babe arrived (yep folks, daily vacuuming IS me calm haha) but lately every time I see a pile of washing, dirty dishes, overflowing bins or an empty dog bowl I want to scream and cry because it feels so overwhelming, so mundane, so purposeless and never friggin’ ending. Even worse it feels like thats ALL I do (and all I am good for). Crazy right? Mothering IS the single most amazing & rewarding *job* yet that’s not how us mums are made to feel! Is this feeling linked to the fact that my return to work is looming? I think so! Enter even more journalling, guided meditations and enjoying every single precious moment with my little babe.

My goal for the next fortnight – find the right child carer (wish me, or them luck)!!

I would love to hear from any gorgeous mummas some tips for surviving this crazy new period and what helped you?

Needless to say I’ve been wearing plenty of grounding & uplifting essential oils to help support me each day #thankgodforoils #doTERRA

xo TGM



To blog or not to blog…

So the decision to write a ‘blog’ brought up tonnes of mean girl thoughts …. you know that little inner critic that often leaves you feeling deflated and so far from the present it isn’t funny? Some of the things she told me were…

  • who would read it?
  • would anyone even WANT to read it?
  • do you have anything of value to say?
  • your not in the right industry and won’t get noticed
  • you’ll get judged
  • people will dislike you
  • you don’t have time
  • etc, etc, etc …

So here I am, writing the damn blog! I have a few things up my sleeve in regards to topics but I plan on writing about all sorts of things around motherhood, parenting, mastering my little (or rather loud) mean girl, choosing self love, cultivating abundance, the moon and its effect on our flow, relationships, yin and yang, natural/organic goodies and all about my love of essential oils.

I am really excited and can’t wait to share more – whatever it is it will be real and honest and raw.

Now because I am SO grateful and love each and every single person who has taken the time to read this I have a gift for anyone who shares this post on their social media page/s. Make sure you tag me in it so I can see it. The winner will be drawn at random – 8pm AEDST Thursday 30th March 2017.  The lucky winner will be gifted 5ml doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil (perfect for homemade cleaning goodies) and a 10ml roller of Lavender Peace (hello restful night!).

xo TGM