About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly and I am going to be your biggest cheerleader!

I am a mama, social worker, natural health enthusiast, womens empowerment coach and doTERRA Silver Leader.

You will find me dousing myself in essential oils, snuggling with my mini babe, sipping a hot cup of tea, reading a self help book, walking the beach, enjoying sunday pancakes with my husbo, journalling, creating, doing yoga or swimming in my pool.

I empower women to be the best version of themselves and to be the healers in their home. To take control of their health and wellness of the body, mind and the spirit.

Fast Facts About Me…

+ I have an A type personality and operate at one speed (full pelt!)
+ I love long baths (especially with magnesium salts & essential oils)
+ I eat way too much organic chocolate (occasionally I even bust out the Cadbury!)
+ I drink English Breakfast tea (multiple times per day)
+ I hate tomatoes but love tomato sauce
+ I am totally selfless (usually to my own detriment but I am working on this)
+ I am recovering ‘yes’ lady, total control freak (just ask any of my old team members!!)
+ I live in my own little slice of paradise (think Bali cabana, pool and palm trees)
+ I am a BIG believer in the Law of Attraction
+ I spend a lot of time doing the INNER work because thats where the magic is
+ I LOVE the beach and the way the ocean just melts any problem right away
+ I love love love being connected and surrounded by like minded women
+ I don’t have a favourite colour but wear a LOT of navy, khaki and grey
+ I don’t really have a very good sense of humour #waytooserious